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FuckUp Night

Successful entrepreneurs tell of their toughest downfalls.

Successful entrepreneurs talk about their toughest defeats.
On the evening of June 14, 2022, we will end the ruhrSUMMIT with a spectacular FuckUp Night! Finally live again in the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, successful entrepreneurs will talk about their biggest FuckUps on the long road to success in exciting 10-minute presentations. After each presentation, questions can be asked, followed by direct answers from the respective speaker. The goal is to cultivate a fear of failure in the course of starting a business.
In recent years, thousands of spectators attended the "FuckUp Night Ruhr Area" held as part of ruhrSUMMIT, and we will build on this in 2022.

What to expect:

  • Authentic stories about the failure of successful entrepreneurs
  • Averting and overcoming crises
  • Interactive exchange with the speakers directly after each presentation through Q&A sessions


  1. Massoud Mahgoli. He firmly believes that anyone can make it in Germany - even without being a superhero. Before Massoud founded his third startup, he drove the other two to the wall. In the field of e-sports he collected a 6-digit funding and reports about mistakes, chances and his learnings. He talks about his misguided path and that of many others, which people take because they believe they have to prove something to other people. Today he writes for BusinessPunk, has launched a streetwear collab with VFL Bochum and runs his own fashion label.
  2. Anja Sommerfeld. She co-founded azeti GmbH, which grew from an Internet provider in the bubble to a software company for SMEs and industry. But when investors and venture capitalists entered the company, the focus and strategy changed to constant, rapid growth. Things went haywire until their exit in April 2020. Anja Sommerfeld reports on failures, wrong decisions and her learnings from 10 years of growth drive.
  3. Stanley Amuzu. In his early twenties, he built a sales agency for one of the biggest players in the continuing education industry. Stanley wanted fame, glory and a quick buck. He always believed in himself - but everything turned out differently than desired and the company was liquidated. He will tell us in Bochum which significant mistakes he made and how he ultimately became successful.

Get your ticket for one of the FuckUp Night seats. Note, that if you already have a ticket for ruhrSUMMIT, you will receive a discount code that you can redeem when you purchase your FuckUp Night ticket.

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